John W. Ballew, Jr.

As a leading Nebraska family law firm, John Ballew Jr. and Adam R. Little were both invited to participate in the production of the Nebraska State Bar Association (NSBA) 2019 Family Law Practice Manual.  This manual includes material covering a wide range of family law topics, and includes analysis from some of the very best family law attorneys in the state.  Mr. Ballew was a co-author with former AAML president John S. Slowiaczek on the section entitled “Divorce and Separation Tax Issues.”  This topic is critically important to family law practitioners in light of the TCJA 2017 which included numerous changes to tax laws that impact clients in family law matters.

Adam R. Little Attorney

Adam R. Little was one of a handful of reviewers who carefully analyzed the draft manual and supplemented various sections with additional case law and analysis.  The Family Law Practice Manual (2019) includes detailed discussions of many areas of family law, with a focus on marriage and divorce and issues related to children. Topics range from the initial client meeting, through retainers, many aspects of marriage and divorce, post-divorce tasks, protection orders, privacy issues, paternity, reproductive issues, termination of parental rights, grandparent rights, immigration, disabilities, and resources for clients and lawyers. Many chapters include forms.  It is available for purchase on the NSBA website.

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